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In case you don't have the time, infrastructure, have problems accessing Internet or are busy travelling let us sell your stock for you. This way you can TURN YOUR DEAD STOCK INTO LIQUID CASH.

We will:
- Maintain your online store
- Expose your goods to
  millions of prospective
  customers all over the
- Charge you a nominal fee
  for this service upon
  complition of the deal.

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World Silver Jewelry Expo
A fair within A fair featuring

  • The finest Thai and International Silver Producers
  • World Silver Collection - A Special Showcase Display of the Best of Thai and International Silver Jewelry
  • Special Cash & Carry Pavilion
  • Silver Jewelry Design Contest
  • Semi Precious Gem Cutting Contest
  • Seminar on Design Technology

Jewelry conferences and Exhibitions all over the world

Japan Jewellery Fair
Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair
Montres & Bijoux/Bijorhca
Jewelers International Showcase

. . .More
Jewellery & Watch
Journals and Magazine

Jewel Mart
Jewellery Collection, Hong Kong
The Indian Gems & Jewellery Magazine
Horological Journal

   . . .More to come

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