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  About the portal

We invite you to take a look at the world’s mega portal on Diamonds, Jewelry & Watches. The portal aims at providing extensive information about diamonds, jewelry and watches and also making it a B2B platform for both buyers and sellers.

It lays emphasis on four sections namely – Diamonds, Gems & Stones, Pearls, Jewelry and Watches. We aim to provide extensive information on exhibitions, books, magazines etc about the same. We also aim to provide links to various websites, the resources of diamonds across the globe and the classification of diamonds according to country, product and brand.

The "Business to Business" (B2B) portal is also designed for trade in diamonds and other gems. The subscribers to this site are mainly divided in two groups: buyers and sellers. All the tools have been developed as required for the work of each group.

Registering on our portal is simple. An online registration form needs to be filled up and submitted on the basis of terms and conditions therein.


Both seller and buyer have round-the-clock access to the largest collection of diamonds and jewelry anywhere, and can now trade in the merchandise from the convenience of their offices or homes. Our technology offers great savings in time and money and opens up new worlds of opportunity.

  Registration Benefits

  • We create a direct link between merchants and their exclusive customers by providing a B2B platform to them to conduct their business.
  • We offer retailers and jewelers Internet-based solutions to match their specific business requirements. 
  • Choose a colorful, animated banner to advertise your company or services in any section of our website. 

  Additional Benefits

  • Exclusive link: We create a link between a seller's existing website and our Online Exchange.
  • Website building: Our experts study your business and build a website according to your needs. This service includes full website maintenance and support.
  • Free E-mail: It will provide you with a free and simple e-mail service through our website.
  • Education: In this education center you will learn about gemology, diamonds, the industry, the market and more. We will update you with the latest technology, trends and information on this Industry. We will also inform you of important conferences, exhibitions and Jewelry related concerns all over the world.


If you are a buyer, you can enter our online market place and examine the availability of merchandisers for trade from listed stores all over the world.

Allows you to have a 24 hour accessible workplace.


If you are a seller you can show your stock to your regular clientele as well as buyers from all over the world on the online marketplace. Helps you to conduct your own private business.

Specifying all the relevant details about the qualities of your merchandise (cut, clarity, color and carat) and scanning in certificates where applicable, you make your stock available for quick purchase from any point on the globe.

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